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Specializing in Commercial and Industrial leasing, sales, management and property investment in the Triad area of North Carolina.  Our focus and expertise are primarily directed in Guilford, Randolph, Davidson, Forsyth, and Alamance counties.

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Murray has been my property manager since December 2005.  He has done a wonderful job for me.  Murray is a great salesman.  It is easy to have confidence and trust in him because he is honest, fairr, just, and friendly.  Murray has never met a stranger.  He has many contacts.  Folks like Murray and thus like working with him.  Murray can be very persuasive, but not in a high-pressure salesman type way.  When one deals with Murray, they realize he really cares about their situation and wants what is best for them.  But when a tough approach to a situation is needed Murray can handle that too.  He will make sure you are getting paid your rent or he will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action if necessary.

Murray has never failed to find tenants for me.  This has been true even during the slow economy, and when the properties were not what most folks were looking for.  I attribute this to his strong work ethic, persistence, dedication, and likeability.  People just want to work with Murray to make things happen!

In my opinion, one cannot go wrong in placing their business with Murray Skeen.  He will do all he possibly can to do what you need and if he can't make it work he will tell you that up front.  With Murray's integrity and his compasion for people he will go a step further than is expected to do the job right.

A very satisfied and grateful client.

June Fulton

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